Thursday, January 19, 2012

Happy Birthday!

What a day! We got to go home about midnight last night after they decided to hold off on everything so my in law could rest before the big event ahead of us. We were told to head back in at 5am when they would start the pitocin. We got there a little after 5 and things were started nicely, pitocin at a 6, contractions getting stronger, and my sister in law still doing well. About half an hour into it they bumped us up to an 8 and oh how things quickly changed. In a matter of what seemed like minutes we went from 4cm dilated to 7 and my poor SIL was in so much pain....after a lot of twisting, moaning, and one of the loudest screams I've ever heard (pretty sure it would scare off most banshees) at 7:53am I got the first glimpse at the beautiful gift we had been waiting for. Kelci came out with a set of lungs and arms swinging as much as her sweet little 6lb 5oz body could produce.

It has been the fastest day of my life, sitting here now its 6:55 and I feel like time is already slipping away. I have a 3 year old, I know how this works. Sweet chubby cheeks, those first diaper changes, then BAM....a running screaming tiny teenager in old navy's Halloween line of panties in December (story for another day) I hope I can remember to hold on to every sweet little precious moment, take way to many pictures, and just be alright if the laundry has to over flow into the garage just one day while I do nothing but lay around and be lazy with my girls.

Tomorrow starts the first real step into the adoption process we will be taking, (unless reading every article on adoption available online counts as a step) my SIL will be released from the hospital to make her journey back home, an hour away, and we will be given the rights to stay here and bunk into our own room with our sweet baby girl until she is released...It feels like the first official moment that says we are her parents, we get to stay, load her into the car seat looking all awkward cause she is way to small to every look normal in it at this point, and take her our home!

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