Wednesday, January 18, 2012

And here we go...

Tonight starts the first real day of our journey. At 6PM we are going in with my sister-in-law for her induction. This 41 week journey is coming to an end and within 24 hours I will have my new sweet baby girl in my arms.

This is an emotional journey to say the least, and as emotional as it is for me it's difficult and emotional for all of us involved. I can't imagine what is going through everyone elses heads, I keep wondering whats going through my husbands mind, everyone is so quiet right now. I'm running a million miles a minute at this point. Frantically worrying about every detail that I don't have in place and worried about her having to ride in an orange car seat (cause I should have bout a cover weeks ago for it) and that we didn't get a swing much stuff that honestly we didn't need anyways, but suddenly they seem like huge details that I have  missed.

It's not like I haven't been through all of this before, but Aubrey is 3 now and things have changed in that short period of time....for one I have obviously completely forgotten how to take care of a newborn! It's honestly a completely different trip this time down the road since we didn't have 9 months to plan, and this is hubby's first time in this situation since he came in to Aubrey's life when she was already walking and talking (well almost talking, it more so sounded like growling and babbling) so he doesn't know what newborns do or don't need. Which is no help for this mama that thinks her girls need every device ever created for them.

Breathe in....1....2.....3....breathe out, I have to take small moments to regather myself and calm back down. We are having a baby, not planning a mission to mars (which might be more exciting to hubby) so why am I so stressed about this? I can't wait to look into her beautiful eyes, hold her tiny hands, and rub her tiny feet. I just know that moment will calm me right back down.

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