Thursday, January 26, 2012

baby makes 4

So I had hoped to make more entries by this point, but wow 2 dogs, a 3 year old, a hubby, and a newborn makes for one tired momma.

Kelci Ann is now a week old and she is absolutely the perfect addition to our family. Aubrey, the proud big sister, is such a joy to watch as she tries to help me with everything. I couldn't be happier at this point with our family.

The adoption process is going to be a long expensive one, at this point we are looking at about 6 months and $3500 to get this finalized, but we do have a few hoops to jump through. First of the many being that we may not have been married long enough to be able to legally adopt her. I'm not much on talking about politics and laws, but this is one instance where I feel like the government doesn't have a place sticking their noses. Who's to judge how and when we create a family? They don't know our history or where we have come to be in this place in our lives. So point being, if they decide we have not been married long enough we will get temporary custody until we have been deemed married the appropriate time.

Another hoop....the home study. Now I knew we would be facing a home study, however I didn't realize how expensive it would be with us doing a private adoption. The town we are currently living in doesn't seem to have a private home study advisor so we are going to have to hire an out of town lady who will be charging us travel I'm sure on top of her $500 fee.

I have complained to my husband night after night about all the fee's and money we are going to put into this, then I sit back and look into our new daughters eyes and realize, it could cost 5X's this much and I would still do it. No amount of money will ever deter me from taking care of this beautiful child. She is absolutely amazing and I love her with all my heart. Aubrey and Kelci make me feel like I have won the lottery, these girls are amazing! And even when its 3am and Aubrey has had an accident in her bed and Kelci thinks its party time I can't stop smiling about how absolutely blessed we are.

Kelci's birth mother and father will never understand exactly how much they have blessed our family. And I don't feel like any amount of thanks I give them will ever be enough. I can't honestly imagine the hard choices they had to make to allow us to have this blessing, and I hope that they can be put at some sort of ease but knowing just how much love we have for this beautiful child. Now that she is here I just can't imagine our lives without her.

Love be with all of you that have taken time to keep up with my blog at this point, I appreciate your silent support in our journey. God bless you all!

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